St James Health Centre


Prescriptions & Repeat Prescriptions

Requests for repeat prescriptions can be made at reception. We require at least 2 working days notice to process your request; more time will be needed if you hand in a stamped addressed envelope for us to post your prescription back to you. Alternatively you can post your request in and enclose a stamped address envelope, when posting it into us, you should get the request to the surgery at least five working days before you are due to run out. The reason for this is to enable the doctors and staff to adequately monitor your prescription to make sure that you are not having inappropriate medication that may be harmful to your health in the long term.

Please ensure you clearly mark the required medication to avoid errors occurring.

We do not accept requests over the telephone for prescriptions unless you are housebound.

Request Your Repeat Prescriptions Online:

Sometimes getting to the surgery to request a repeat prescription is not practical, so we have an online service you may use to request a repeat prescription of a drug which has been set up by your doctor for repeat prescribing.

Please note, drugs which have not been set up for repeat, which were given for a single episode of illness, or which need review cannot be supplied in this way. Remember, we need 2 working days to process your request. Prescriptions can be collected from reception (unless you submit a stamped-addressed envelope that can be used to return it to you). If you do not wish to use EMIS Access via the Internet please write to us or drop in and use one of the repeat prescription request forms available at reception instead.

Please note only medicines that are currently on your repeat prescription form can be ordered using the EMIS online ordering system:

Log on to EMIS Patient Access to request your repeat prescription

Access to EMIS online repeat prescriptions requires a personal ID number. This is available from reception at your surgery.