St James Health Centre

Epilepsy Clinic at St James Health Centre

All patients with a diagnosis of Epilepsy are required to attend annually for a review of their drug monitoring and
symptoms control. Blood tests must be performed prior to attending this clinic.

Lots of people have had a seizure in their life but not all seizures are due to epilepsy. Epilepsy is different as it is a
neurological condition that affects the brain. There are approximately 456.000 people in the UK with it and it’s
more common in children and people over 65 but it can affect anyone.

There are many types of seizures and what they look like varies. One person may look confused, while another may
fall to the ground shaking.

Epilepsy can be difficult to diagnose and there are a number of different tests such as an ECG or MRI. It is usually
treated with medication and up to 70% of people could have their epilepsy controlled with the right medication. It
is vital that people with this condition attend regular reviews with their Doctor.

For further information, please call the surgery on 0151 295 3800.

We also have the guidance leaflet on Epilepsy available here: pdf-logo

Guidance leaflet Epilepsy and Contraception – Pregnancy here: pdf-logo

Guidance leaflet Living with Epilepsy here: pdf-logo