St James Health Centre

Childrens Immunisations

All children aged 3-4 years require booster immunisations prior to starting school. This clinic also aims to immunise older children behind schedule.

Immunisation is the safest way of protecting your child against serious disease. When a child has been immunised their bodies can fight the disease they come into contact with. The only time to stop immunisation is when a disease has been eradicated worldwide.

There are risks involved with every vaccination but it is important to remember that an un-immunised child is at greater risk of catching a disease which can cause serious complications or even death.

All vaccines are carefully tested but are not 100% guaranteed for every individual.

There is a recommended schedule for child immunisations. For more detailed information please speak to the Health Visitor or your GP.

From September 2015 we are now able to provide the new meningitis B vaccination for the young babies and the meningitis ACW125 vaccine for the young adults reaching age 17 and 18 years.

For further information, please call the surgery on 0151 295 3800.