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Services Our Doctors Can Provide For Our Patients

Services Our Doctors Can Provide For Our Patients

At our practice we have four doctors working morning afternoons and evening to ensure you get the best treatment and care you need available.  We are constantly monitored by the PCT to ensure that all the services we offer are at excellent standard.

Bloods, Smears and Ultrasounds

We can arrange for bloods, smears, scans and ultrasounds and x-rays to be done for further investigation. All results will return back to the surgery for review with the doctor. To ensure you get your results and any treatment needed we have set up a pre-booking system so you can book 2 weeks in advance according to availability on that day. So it’s best that you book in with the preferred doctor a head of time.

Diabetes, COPD, Asthma and Hypertension

At our clinic we deal with diabetes’s, asthma, COPD, hypertension and cervical cancer screening annually to ensure that you are keeping well and this under control. We have set up reminders and try our best to keep you informed when your next check up is to keep you fit and healthy

Hospital Referrals

We can do referrals to hospitals all round Liverpool to the clinic of your choice for further treatment and 2nd opinions on your request. Treatment is available such as Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics, pain management, Gynaecology, Dermatology, Ear Nose and Throat, Rheumatology ect. We operate a choose and book system which is more efficient and affective way of meeting the patients needs, you can have the choice to arrange your own appointment date and time and hospital.

Sexual Health Care and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

We provide a confidential and quick service for the diagnosis and treatment of Sexual Transmitted Disease’s:

  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea (simple urine test)
  • Trichomonas Vaginalis (swab test)
  • Syphilis (blood test)
  • HIV screening (blood test)
  • Hepatitis B (blood test)
  • Hepatitis C (blood test)
  • Cervical cancer screening (smear test)

STD’s are very common with many different strains. Two thirds of the diseases occur in people under the age of 25.

Many people may not show any symptoms but they are still able to pass on the infection to their partner.  That’s why it is important to be screened regularly and any potential infection identified and treated.

Prevention is possible by practising safe sex but if you do develop a disease it is essential to start treatment straight away, as left untreated, STD’s increase your risk of complications and can also lead to infertility.

Depending on the test required, urine, swabs and blood samples are all that is needed and results are usually back in a few days.

Treatment for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia is very easy with a short course of antibiotics required. If you happen to be infected it is advisable to contact your partner(s) for them to be screened and treated.

We provide councelling for HIV testing and Hepatitis B +C testing.